Nexxus has a Better Model for Global Startups

When Nexxus decides to invest in a company, it evaluates product-market fit, identifies corporate partners and looks for a pathway to exit for the startup, right from the start. Nexxus also leads fundraising efforts and brings its experience, technical knowledge, and global business relationships to its portfolio companies - services that goes far beyond providing money. Nexxus offers a smart and compelling alternative to traditional venture capital funding by providing an integrated approach to building successful companies: Nexxus invests, provides lab services, product development and marketing know-how, and connects the startup to a global network of corporate partners who become customers, strategic investors and ultimately, acquirers.

Nexxus Global Network

For US startups, Nexxus provides access to other major markets by facilitating corporate partnerships and driving the go-to-market strategy in the new market. The Nexxus team has a strong network of business relationships in the US and in many countries, including Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan, as well as strong links to the EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. The team has an excellent track record bridging US startups to the globe and driving growth, revenues and profits.

Access to Silicon Valley and US Market

Nexxus levels the playing field for international startups by providing them with a Silicon Valley presence and access to the US market through our local offices and connections, transforming them into “local” companies. Silicon Valley startups have big advantages over outsiders as they are seen as being more credible for partnerships and exit opportunities with companies like Google, Cisco, Facebook and Salesforce. However, with a Nexxus-created local presence and relationships through our team, our international startups overcome the bias against non-Silicon Valley companies so that they can compete with local startups for partnership opportunities and increased valuations. Each member of the Nexxus team has a strong track record building startups in Silicon Valley and the team has built long-term, trusted relationships with corporate partners, funders and others to provide our startups with a winning chance.

Nexxus Unlocks the Value of US and Global Startups

Nexxus attracts and seeks growth stage companies with winning products that have achieved success in their own countries and are in search of new markets to grow. We understand that global expansion is expensive and that startups lack the resources to attack new markets. Nexxus invests its time and resources to develop business for global growth stage companies by working with corporate partners on licensing, strategic investment and distribution opportunities to drive revenues. The bridges we build for startups cross oceans and often end with acquisitions.

Nexxus Team

The Nexxus Ventures team has helped build hundreds of startups leading to over 50 M&A exits and IPOs. The team is based in Silicon Valley and has a mix of investment, business development and operations background. As successful serial entrepreneurs, the team enjoys working with engineers and founders. The team also understands the trials of being a founder and the challenges of becoming a Disruptrepreneur.

Nexxus is Aligned with Founders

The Nexxus team helps, it does not interfere. In our portfolio companies, founders execute their plans and Nexxus is a trusted adviser and an extension of the startup management team when needed, especially for raising funds, international business development and sales. Our team complements and supports, we do not control. But Nexxus is not just a passive advisor - with our hands-on style, the team rolls up its collective sleeves and helps your startup to be successful.

Nexxus Reduces Risk

Nexxus provides office space for its start ups and conducts business development and in-person meetings on behalf of these companies, becoming the face of its portfolio companies, until they are able to establish themselves in the market. Nexxus eliminates a significant barrier to US market entry and the risks of market entry by providing these prohibitively expensive services at no initial cost to the startup, thereby opening a previously closed door and de-risking the process. Nexxus becomes your presence and works for you, based on the deep conviction and trust in its companies and founders. We succeed when and only when our startups succeed.