What we do

Nexxus Ventures invests in, guides and assists international startups seeking entry into the US market. Nexxus also invests in and assists US startups eager to expand internationally, especially in markets where Nexxus has strong connections.


Seed Stage Startups: Nexxus invests from $25,000 to $250,000 in early stage startups. Nexxus investment in these idea stage companies is geared to building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  Nexxus manages the engineering and lab services to build the MVP cost effectively and assesses the product's market potential through engagement and feedback from its corporate partners.

The Nexxus team actively seeks out domain experts with vast experience in a market segment who have identified opportunities to disrupt that market and helps them to build disruptive products. Identifying, nurturing and building disruptive businesses, from the idea stage to functioning companies, is our forte.

Growth Stage Startups: Mid-stage startups are a major focus of Nexxus Ventures. These are companies that have a product and some traction. Often, these companies are quite successful in their own countries and need new markets or access to capital to grow faster and bigger. Nexxus investment is targeted at acquiring early customers and partners by leveraging our extensive international network.

Nexxus introduces portfolio startups to corporate venture capital funds and strategic investors, creating relationships to benefit both the corporation and the startup. The team helps companies that need larger investments through its Silicon Valley-based investment banking partner for fundraising ($10m+) and M&A advisory services.

Business Development

Startups spend most of their resources on engineering and product development. Most founders cannot invest in expensive business development and therefore, critical partnerships are out of their reach. But partnerships can be the difference between success and failure. Nexxus bridges this gap by introducing startups to corporate partners, customers, sales channels, manufacturing and supply chain resources. Nexxus helps its startups to negotiate pilot, licensing, sales and distribution agreements with corporate and other partners, paving the road to success.

US Market Readiness

Nexxus helps international companies set up a US business entity and provides guidance on company structure and securities issues like capitalization tables, founders stock, and employee stock options plans - all of which positions these foreign companies to become “fundable” by US investors.