About Nexxus

Nexxus Ventures, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a globally-focused Investment Fund and Accelerator-cum-Technology Lab which provides a one-stop service for global startups. Nexxus is a VC, incubator, accelerator, technology lab and business link to an extensive network – all aimed at growing innovative companies and transforming founders into “Disruptrepreneurs”.  The seasoned Nexxus team consists of experienced serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who have built over 50 successful startups in the past decade.

International Expansion for US Startups

Nexxus provides a critical link between US startups and global markets to accelerate growth. The Nexxus team has a strong record of bridging US startups to corporate partners across the globe, especially in Asia, Europe and Africa for sales and strategic investment.

US Market Entry for Global Startups

Nexxus bridges the global startup ecosystem to US investors, partners and corporations.
Nexxus is not confined by geographical limits and invests in and nurtures startups from all corners of the world by leveraging its Silicon Valley base and strong links to the Fortune 500, Fortune and its extensive global networks.
Nexxus aids traction and drives revenues with a focus on positioning startups for exit.

How Nexxus Works with Startups

“Disruptrepreneur” founders and teams with innovative ideas give birth to startups with great potential. To grow into successful, disruptive companies, Disruptrepreneurs need funding, technical assistance, market access and committed venture partners with an extensive network of business relationships to drive revenues through sales channels and partnerships. Nexxus is the bridge between the Disruptrepreneur and success.

Our Partners